ich bin es leid doch irgendwie gewohnt von dir enttäuscht zu werden

Veröffentlicht auf von Emily Dawn

your fingertips

across my skin

the palm trees

swaying in the wind



you sang me

spanish lullabys

the sweetest sadness

in your eyes

clever trick


i'd never wanna see you unhappy

i thought you want the same for me


so long, my luckless romance

my back is turned on you

should have known

you'd bring me heartache


almost lovers always do


we walked along

the crowded street

you took my hand

and dance with me



and when left

you kissed my lips

you told me

you would never, never forget

these images, no


and so you're gone

and I'm haunted

and I bet you are just fine

did i make it that easy

to walk right in and out

of my life?

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